Overview / Outline of Emmanuel Longing

This site seeks to connect a certain significance in the Temples (and Tabernacle) of the Old Testament to the longing heart of man seeking to connect with his God and Creator.  Next, we wish to link the physical Temples, and the associated Emmanuel Longing, with the ‘temple’ of Jesus Christ during His time on earth.  Finally, we want to examine how that ‘temple,’ and Longing continues after the Cross and Ascension of Jesus Christ during the period of the New Testament books and this present church period.

Our first subject is simply to define and examine what is meant by “Emmanuel Longing.”  To do that we will study a short but poignant poetic passage from the Old Testament and look intently at four key words / ideas from that passage.

RBC Retreat, Emmanuel Longing Final Sept 2014 copy.002Next we will connect the ideas behind Emmanuel Longing (EL) to the Temple of the Lord, or literally of the Name of the Lord.RBC Retreat, Emmanuel Longing Final Sept 2014 copy.023Next, we will connect the essence of the Temple with the essence of Jesus Christ.RBC Retreat, Emmanuel Longing Final Sept 2014 copy.053Finally, we will connect the Temple, and of the Person of Jesus Christ, to us in our time, making a full circle back to the Emmanuel Longing root idea that began our study.RBC Retreat, Emmanuel Longing Final Sept 2014 copy.101

Let us, then, begin with the root idea of Emmanuel Longing, using a 12-line passage of Old Testament poetry.

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